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This advice in this guide will help you apply your research skills to finding a question, planning, conducting, and communicating your research, and completing your project successfully.

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You spot a poster looking for volunteers for a scientific experiment at the university.

Desperate for some kind of change in your life, you email the lead scientist.

Having a clear question and direction for your research will keep you focused and on track; this is something your supervisor can advise on, so it is good to keep in contact with them.

Breaking the overall project down into different steps and then into smaller, specific tasks will let you see how to get started, and then keep going.

Day 752: The scientist running the experiment tells you she’s working on cryogenic freezing. The screen on the cryogenic chamber says that 500 years have passed. You are trying to calculate how many semesters worth of tuition you owe when a man in a silver suit grabs your arm and pulls you out of the chamber.

She wants to freeze you for a month and you’ll get 0. Day 183,245: The man in the silver suit explains that the scientist who froze you was denied tenure and quit academia.You try to play Minesweeper on one of his computers, but the technology is confusing, and you press the wrong button. What feels like mere minutes to you takes countless millennia on the outside. : You have almost finished writing your dissertation (you are also really, really good at Minesweeper). You tell yourself there is still time to add that footnote on Foucault.You do not require food, drink, or sleep in this place. There is nothing but a desk and a computer in front of you. Day ∞: The universe collapses into an impossibly dense singularity.Then, review the following important resources, which will guide you through the final steps of completing your degree.Use this online committee requirements tool to help you determine whether your proposed committee would meet the Graduate School’s minimum requirements for committee members. But you also write the words “When the.” Your first two words! You don’t get any writing done, but you do google “calories in a Frosty” before purchasing two more of them to eat at home in bed. A sign on your office door informs you that it is being turned into a private sauna for the university’s senior administration. You buy a Frosty and a baked potato to justify staying there for five hours.It will be fully corrected, complete, and submitted electronically as a single PDF file.Electronic and paper copies of approved dissertations are sent to the UW-Madison Memorial Library. Day 8: After several days testing out cafés, you finally settle on a table at the Wendy’s across the street from your apartment.You will also get a discount on Frostys and baked potatoes, which is the only thing you have eaten for the past four months.


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