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And always run a spell-check, but don't totally rely on it: a spell-checker would be perfectly happy with this sentence: "The Primer Minister mad a trip tot he White Hose to discus the issue wit the President" - but it doesn't make a lot of sense! They aren't all necessarily going to be like you, either in their age, where they live or what they are interested in.So to help them understand your story, you need to explain things to them.

The top four paragraphs should provide all the information a reader would need if they didn't know anything about it in advance.

Try to answer all the 5 W's - Who, What, Why, When and Where.

The three C's - making sure your writing is Clear, Concise and Correct - are a good starting point for any web writing.

Short words in short sentences give you a much better chance of keeping hold of your reader, and are easier to understand for a wider audience.

For instance, Sir Alex Ferguson might be very well-known in the world of football, but you need to tell your readers that he is the manager of Manchester United. A great way to liven up a report is with some quotes from the people who are part of the story.

The best way to get these is to speak to and interview the people involved yourself, so you can ask the questions you want to know the answers to.

Writing stories for a website is very different from writing essays at school or from writing scripts for radio and television - it's even different from writing for a newspaper!

Here are some of the key elements to think about when you are producing a webpage for your reports.

Nothing undermines a story more than getting a simple fact wrong, like somebody's age or the spelling of somebody's name.

Truth and accuracy are two of the BBC's most important values, so double check all the facts with two sources whenever you can, and stop to think before you use words like unique, unprecedented, first, last and so on. Get somebody else to read it too, and see whether they understand the story.


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