Writing A Systematic Literature Review

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The analytic framework is a visual representation of the PICO structure, drawing connections among all four components.These connections are supported by the evidence provided.

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Authors and reviewers look for potential bias and misuse of data (or observation) in every area of the study.

The results of different studies are compared and contrasted, using the research question as a guide.

While a meta-analysis follows a similar protocol to a systematic review, it is research on existing research rather than the creation of new research.

Although, one could argue that the synthesis of studies on a single topic does provide a new perspective and new data on that topic or research question.

Criteria must be established at the outset for what constitutes a relevant study and what does not.

In their article entitled, “The Global Evidence Mapping Initiative: Scoping research in broad topic areas,” authors Peter Bragge, et al (2011) describe evidence mapping in this way: “Evidence mapping describes the quantity, design and characteristics of research in broad topic areas….

The authors provide a step-by-step solution that is clear, succinct and eminently practical, something that should be read before one embarks on legal research and consulted regularly as one proceeds.

A systematic review is a term that carries specific meaning and refers to a specific process in academic writing.

The breadth of evidence mapping helps to identify evidence gaps, and may guide future research efforts.” Fundamentally, the critical analysis is used to determine whether or not the study is of high quality.

Several criteria are employed to judge the study’s methodology, including topics such as concealment of random allocation, reporting of withdrawals, reporting accuracy, statistical analysis, and assessment of outcomes.


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