World War One Essay Questions

Lenin returned from his exile and joined the Bolshevik party which eventually overthrew the Provisional Government.On April 6, 1917, our country declared war on Germany and its allies.

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The Great World War, which is now known as World War One, was a huge war that played a big part on our history.

This war has been said to have started over a series of events that exploded into The Great War.

WWI was a world conflict that began in 1914 lasting until 1918.

Throughout these years there were series of events before and during the war that made impacts on why this war continued on for so long.

From civil rights, racism, and resistance movements to basic human needs like food, clothing, and medicine, the aspects of how life was impacted are immense.

For a nation that was still recovering from the Great Depression, World War II had a major impact on this country's economy and workforce.

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Even after this event Wilson still remained neutral and “He kept us out of war” became his slogan to facilitate his re-election as President in 1916.

It seems though that if America had to choose sides, it would be against Germany.


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