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Quoting some of the students: ‘I'm never gonna regret coming to Prague.’ On the fourth day, upper year students provided us with crucial information on how to successfully make it through first year.

Towards the end of the day, all the students met at Dr.

Vojak klub for team building activities that broke the ice between us and started creating good friendships amongst us.

We also learnt which books will be essential to pass our monstrous exams to come.

Our facial expressions were indescribable at that moment in response to what we have just ingested.

Upper years go out of their way to make you feel like you can approach them.

It was very reassuring, especially as a foreigner moving to the Czech Republic and hardly knowing anyone!From fascinating architecture to breath taking river sites, our minds were blown.This increased our excitement to study in Prague even more.It is all such valuable information; I don't see why anyone would choose to not come!If it hadn't been for freshers' week I don't think I would've developed the strong bonds I have now with my friends in my year and also in upper years!The upper years put in so much effort into planning the week and making you feel welcomed.They give you advice on classes, teachers, books, even finding a place to live!Each carrying a unique story with a specific goal to achieve in life.The place was overwhelmed with feelings of excitement, confusion, motivation, and delight.That moment when your name is called upon, and the upper students hand in your symbolic white coat with parents cheering is memorable for life.The ceremony was devoted to recite the phenomenal oath promising responsibility and dedication towards health and science.


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