We Wear The Mask Poem Essay

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This novel portrays the life experiences of two families belonging to different racial, cultural and economic background. Photographic Project: Holy Wear The word “sacred” envisages meanings that are hard to define and it encompasses many connotations that go beyond the traditional concepts of temples, mosques or churches to embrace notions such as holiness that stands out from “commonplace and interrupt routine” (Park 2004: 20).

This paper examines masculinity in The Sport of the Gods. Philosophical concepts about sacred relate not only to places such as the shrines of gods that are sanctimonious but also extend to clothes, grails and texts such as the Vedas in Hindu, Quran in Islam and Bible in Christianity.

However, its meaning has many layers, and the masterful way it was written challenges the reader to discern each layer with the several devices and techniques the author had woven into the poem. The similarity and relation among the poems ‘Frederick Douglas’, ‘Sympathy’, and ‘We wear the mask’ by Paul Laurence Dunbar Afro- American lifein exile is an important theme made use by the poets who are against slavery, racism and discrimination. Thus, for Brando, his persona was a pivotal requisite for his survival in the ‘very earnest game of life’ (Brando 9). Self Expression through the Clothes We Wear In a community that is highly paying more attention on image, where the mostinfluential thing on a first intuition is the physical look of an individual, what one chooses to wear defines what the person is.

Dunbar succeeded in hiding within this deceptively simple poem the complexity of being an African-American in the nineteenth century. Paul Laurence Dunbar, one of the most important Afro- American poets made use of the same theme in his works. It is mostly undoubtedly true that individuals make presumptions about a person on what they can actually see.

Alliteration may be seen in the repeated use of the consonant sound “w” throughout the poem, but mostly in the first two stanzas. This kind of wear should not be mixed with culture.

The repeated “w” creates the feeling of going roundabout without getting anywhere, an absence of progression, a sensation of being contained or trapped and pulled back to where one began. Therefore, for an individual to assimilate into a new culture, they will have to probably......

Because it is terse, highly structured, and historically influential, “We Wear the Mask” has been the subject of many distinct scholarly analyses.

We Wear the Mask Upon the first reading of “We Wear the Mask,” one is immediately convinced of the universality with which Paul Laurence Dunbar speaks of peoples’ hypocrisies.

Dunbar describes how the mask helps African Americans appear as happy people while deep down their hearts, they are troubled and grieved by the suffering brought forth by slavery.

Dunbar’s use of poetic devices is commendable because he relies on...


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