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The board members and faculty didn't like the fact that they were going to have to teach a group of students that were looked down upon and seen as "inferior" to white students. However, after much opposition, a plan was finally proposed. ...f and eventually led to complete integration of all ethnic groups in America.

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Peyton’s immediate influence was demonstrated by the fact that she was confident that black Americans had as much right to a proper education as white Americans.

Beals reveals that “Grandma reassured me that although Central High was special, I deserved to be there as much as anyone”.

For example, to Beals question of “When will we get our chance to be in charge”, her grandmother would reply “In God’s time. Beals in no way attempts to credit herself or her gender for distinctly influencing integration or civil rights however it becomes clear throughout her autobiography that African American women served as the vanguard of both movements.

They served not only as active participants, as Beals and the other female students did, but also as protectors, negotiators and peace makers.

Being a concerned individual requires the characteristics of attention, consideration, and thoughtfulness.

Having concern for one another can make a great difference in the world.

In the novel, Warriors don't Cry by Melba Pattillo Beals and a Roundtable discussion facilitated by NBC news, the disturbing truths behind the struggles of integration are brought to life.

First ,during the time of integration white students showed a total lack of concern as proven in " A roundtable discussion" facilitated by nbc news.

The story begins by Melba talking about the anger, hatred, and sadness that is brought up upon her first return to Central High for a reunion with her eight other classmates.

As she walks through the halls and rooms of the old school, she recalls the horrible acts of violence that were committed by the white students against her and her friends.


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