Utsa College Application Essay

Utsa College Application Essay-11
I know the importance of effective communication, most of which I have learnt during my experience with foster care children; I am capable of motivating a group of people to engage in volunteer activities aiming at helping those members of the society who need help. People usually trust me and are comfortable in working with me.

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She says that the intent behind pursuit of this profession is to get into a better position in which she will be able to spend quality period of the life with her family; she will also be able to help the society in a better way than present.

The statement has depicted a dedicated approach towards learning and career oriented thinking of the applicant.

I also strongly feel the need of more professional experience.

I acknowledge the importance of theory, but I also believe that knowledge can be obtained first hand via practical experience.

Her drive to acquire a certain goal in her life brings her a motivational spirit which is of paramount importance in pursuing... Supporting ment (School of Nursing) It will be eight (8) years to today since I, Ana Calderon, was introduce to the world of patient care.

My initiation started with my work as a registrar in a medical center.It was there that I watched nurses administer to patients of various illnesses and infirmities.Perhaps it was during this time that the seeds of wanting to be a nurse were planted in me.I generally have a positive attitude towards life and I believe that no matter how much hardship one falls into, there is always a way out of it.In addition to this optimistic approach, my organizational and professional skills have developed a lot over time.This job has further shaped and strengthened my values and motivation to earn an MSW degree.I feel great sense of fulfillment by helping children placed in foster care.I believe programs like these are of vital importance for social justice.My personal strengths are patience, social sensitivity and strong moral values.It is great to be the one for these children to assist them during the foster care placement process.To make their voices heard in the court is a real honor.


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