Us History Checks And Balances Essay

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Some scholars emphasize the importance of a well-functioning civil society in modern democratic societies.

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Contemporary states have widely different political system, even if they belong to a large family of democratic states.From the 1950s onwards, parliaments started to consent and authorize legislative proposals in accordance with offers of the executive office instead of being a source of law itself. For instance, the British Parliament accepted almost all introduced government bills between 19. He also argues that the separation of powers would help prevent the abuse of power by allowing for checks and balances among different branches of government.Researchers of contemporary politics consider the existence of “separation of powers” is one of the key factors for consolidation of democracy.Interestingly, one group of the Western political theorists accepted democracy as “representative democracy”; however, some Western theorists like Locke, Rousseau, Madison, Bentham, and James Mill had considered democracy as an Athenian-style direct democracy.Regardless of how they called democracy, my point is that Western understanding or perception on democracy can be traced back from the same sources.In the modern world, the American-style separation of powers is in fact not the most common arrangement of democratic institutions. Some modern democracies are parliamentary systems meaning that the legislative body is ultimately more powerful, and the executive branch has no independent constitutional authority, instead being chosen by the legislative branch. Britain is an example of a purely parliamentary democracy. In fact, differences between this “Westminster model” and the U. model challenge researchers of the Comparative Politics. Founding Fathers invented the checks and balances concept, which is central to the separation of powers by claiming dangers of concentrated power.


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