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If you are talking about “placing people below you” or “BV flowing up”, there are definitely levels, you can’t hide from that. They claim that they are better than other MLMs or direct sales businesses because they use “vertical marketing” instead of the inferior, pyramid-shaped “horizontal marketing”, while conveniently obscuring the fact that the end result in their “vertical marketing” paradigm is also a pyramid. Also, they like to boast about the fact that everyone in the organization gets 100% credit for the BV and IBV someone in the downline earns, and this is what makes them different from other compensation plans…duh. It’s basically like saying “you get 100% of what you get”.JR Ridinger also calls this the “binomial system”, which means that each person only has two people under them, and then those two people have to find two people, and so on (and guess what? Red Flag #5: The business seems to be both “really easy” and “requires a lot of time and effort to be successful”.In my opinion, he is a horrible presenter, incredibly disorganized, keeps repeating “do you get it?

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If you still think the ratings on the BBB can be trusted, watch this 20/20 investigation from ABC news.

Red Flag #10: They brag about the fact that they’ve been around for 25 years, so that automatically gives them credibility as a legitimate business. Garbage, unethical companies can survive for dozens of years, this is just terrible logic but people eat it up.

Red Flag #11: The recent federal lawsuit against Market America.

From Wikipedia: In a 2017 federal lawsuit, two distributors accused the company of violating the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and California state law.

Technically the 2-3 year plan could take 10 years, 20 years, or 45 years. Red Flag #9: Their advertised A rating with the BBB.

While this isn’t a red flag on its own, it is kind of suspicious when the president and CEO of the BBB shows up at the conference advertising the BBB and assuring people that MA is one of the most ethical and upstanding companies he’s ever seen.

I am not an ex-MLMer, but I have a friend who is in Market America, and then after I did a little research in it, I went down a little too far into the MLM rabbit hole, mainly wondering….”how can so many people be this delusional??

”I saw my friend occasionally post things with the hashtag “#shoppingannuity” and I saw her post photos of herself at some conference so I was curious.

First of all, I just wanted to say how excited I am that this sub is taking off.

I’ve been following this subreddit for years and sort of forgot about it until I noticed a couple months ago it was suddenly more active. So, I don’t really see this MLM mentioned much in this sub, but I got weirdly fascinated with it and I just wanted to share some things I’ve learned and some of my own observations.


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