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Once your research is done, you must organize the resukts into the type of essay it suggests.How players of a Reality-Based show win or lose, based on the outcome of their behavior Reality television engages the viewers by providing a story line and plot similar to the way a writer engages their readers, the only difference is viewers are seeing those things played out by regular people like ourselves.

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These individuals have nothing but the clothes on their back, enduring torrential rain and blistering heat and at the same time are teamed up with different people to form a tribe working together to forage for necessities like food, water and shelter.

From the start the players have to start forming friendships/ alliances in order to keep their place in the game.

As the show progresses through the thirty-nine days viewers like me become outraged due to the tactics some players resort to, like talking behind someone’s back who the player may have had an alliance with.

The individuals affected by these types of behavior may become ill; some may even want to leave the game before its conclusion.

His short fiction has appeared in many publications including Litro Magazine, one of London's leading literary magazines.

Shore earned his MFA in creative writing from Goddard College.Like most reality shows, many viewers tend to pick and choose who their favorites or least Viewers also watch the show because it is a strategic game and every week strategies change due to the nature of the game “Outwit and Outlast”.Another draw to the show is watching people under pressure, and how they handle it, this is something most people can relate too.People who will do anything for money or the idea of love astonishes me.There is one show in particular that I have been watching called Fear Factor.Something that you should address in your essay is your overall reaction to the quality of the TV show.If it is clear that the show is trying to be funny and culturally relevant, do you feel that it succeeds in these ventures with any kind of clarity and power?My overall view of reality television programming is that it's unrealistic, repetitive and exploitive.I think they are too edgy and in some cases downright idiotic.Your reader will undoubtedly want to know if you’d recommend the television program, and the central stance you take in your evaluation should clearly communicate whether or not you’d recommend the show to others.Jake Shore is an award-winning Brooklyn-based playwright, published short story writer and professor at Wagner College.


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