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However, such movies do not even hint at the fact that violence, if it is committed with good intentions, is still violence.In this respect, it is important to understand that children and adolescents cannot clearly define priorities in their actions and, if they see that violence is justified and it can be used by their heroes, which they see in their favorite films, they naturally perceive violence as a justifiable action.At the same time, it is important to remember about the fact that television is only a part of a large impact of mass media on human consciousness and identity.

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Specialists underline that nowadays “violence dominates television news and entertainment, particularly what we call “happy violence” – cool, swift, painless, and always leading to a happy ending in order to deliver the audience to the next commercial message in a receptive mood” (Is Media Violence Free Speech 1) At the same time, the negative impact of violence in media increased substantially in the result of the wider spread and practically permanent impact of media on people.

It proves beyond a doubt that violence always exposes the audience to the risk of certain psychological problems and can increase the aggressiveness of people.

At the same time, these movies, being renowned and extremely popular, especially among youth, depict the main character, who is the protagonist of a movie, as a violent but good person.

Moreover, violent acts committed by the main character are justified, if not to say welcome.

As a rule, the main character commits violence in response to some injustice in relation to himself or his family members.

Consequently, such movies convey a clear and understandable message to the youth: violence can be justified and violence can be used to prove the righteousness of a person.Introduction Today, television is the mainstream medium, which influences substantially the public opinion and, what is more, it has the power to influence the formation of an individual’s identity.In such a situation, television violence has a particularly significant and dangerous impact on the audience, especially youth, whose identity, moral values and beliefs are in the process of formation.In such a context, the way violence is represented in television and media at large is particularly important because it shapes the youth’s attitude toward violence in real life.In this respect, it should be pointed out that modern media are characterized by an excessive amount of violence that cannot fail to affect the audience, especially children.Naturally, television violence can hardly fail to influence the consciousness of youth since young people often perceive celebrities they see on TV and imaginary characters they see in movies as models of their own behavior.As a result, they attempt to follow their lead, which often leads to the development of negative, dangerous or even delinquent models of behavior if violence is abundantly present on television.At this point, it is important to remember about the power of television and media, which can be used for good of people.What is meant here is the fact that the introduction of special education programs and the formation of a new philosophy of TV channels and other media can contribute to the positive impact of television and media on youth.In the contemporary world, the impact of media on the behavior of people can hardly be underestimated.Media has become a powerful tool with the help of which it is possible to shape the public opinion.


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