Tutoring Service Business Plan

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Tutors help students keep up with course material, prepare for big exams, and improve their academic development.

For educators with an entrepreneurial spirit, starting your own tutoring company allows you to tap into a burgeoning market and help students maximize their academic success.

Will your company cater to elementary students, high school students, special needs students, and/or older adults? Consider teaching subjects that are more common, such as math, science and English; not only are they in high demand, but as you grow your business it will be easier to find tutors who can teach these subjects.

Determine your service area Unless you are starting an online tutoring business, you will need to determine your service area.

By finding your strengths as a potential tutor, determining the right fees, and marketing your new service, you can go into business for yourself as a tutor.

“Tutoring is a to billion industry,” says Eric Clark, president-elect of the National Tutoring Association. Successful business owners must also be willing to put themselves out there and become a leading voice in the industry.

Use the business description to determine what student segment you'll serve. It includes test preparation, driver education, tutoring struggling students (of all ages) at home or in the school. This will include supplies, insurance, tutoring books, etc. If not, you may want to consider if the tutoring venture is a worthwhile endeavor.

If the federal No Child Left Behind Program is a force in your area, consider it in your market strategies. Since it's funded by the federal government, you will always get paid (although it may be late). For example, it may make sense to market college entrance exams (the ACT and SAT) strictly to parents of high school juniors and seniors. The school newspapers and game programs sometimes accept advertising so look at that avenue to get students. This section covers everything from business hours to key personnel to reporting. For tutoring, consider a labor expense of 25 to 30 percent of revenue.

Start a tutoring business and a piece of that lucrative pie could be yours. There is a lot of risk involved, but the reward is worth the risk.”A freelance writer, blogger and inbound marketing expert, Dawn Allcot specializes in helping small business owners grow their online presence and can’t really argue with Cohen’s advice to start a blog.

"My success is greatly attributed to my ability to make connections.


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