Total Quality Management Assignment

Total Quality Management Assignment-73
The sort element of 5S model defines eliminating or removing of things which are not needed.

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By taking this aspect into account, Boots UK has made its production plant in such a way that no idle time or wastage of resources arise.

Company has designed its production process or say machines and rollers in a well-defined manner (Bergman and Klefsjo, 2003).

The approaches and methods which BOOTS UK follows to assure greater customer satisfaction and quality management and control are detailed in underneath points- The particular quality management approach was developed in Japan but with the short span of time, it has been widely recognized and accepted all over the world.

Boots UK is also one of the firm which adopts particular method in its manufacturing process for producing the best quality product so that maximum customer satisfaction can be achieved in the industry (Schuuranman, 2003).

In the contemporary time, quality management is considered on the top most priority of the organization.

Quality management is seen as a very crucial aspect because customer needs and desires towards quality products and services has been increasing day by day (Emerald, 2002).

This shows that the customers are satisfied with the products of Boots UK.

Do you believe that the products of Boots UK meets your expectation that are related to the standard quality product at the best price?

Along with that, work flow can be carried out in the efficient and effective manner which will result in production of the best quality product. Shine defines clean, safe and secure work area to bring quality in the production process or final product.

Boots UK gives significant importance on hygienic workplace condition to bring the best quality in the products (Fahmy, 2014).


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