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"The thesis statement is where you will let your readers know what position you will take on your topic.When you write your thesis, don’t be shy: make a bold and factual statement that expresses your position" (e Notes).The goal of the writer is to demonstrate that his/her point of view is supported by evidence (which can be textual evidence, anecdotal evidence, scientific evidence, statistical evidence, logical proof, etc.).

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When used throughout an essay, topic sentences make up its backbone, giving your arguments a clear support system.

They help guide you as the writer, keeping your arguments on point, and they also help guide the reader.

Topic: Use of subtext/hidden meanings Sample Topic Sentence: Music history classes discuss the various ways that music helps bring communities of people together; however, they often overlook the ways that the hidden meanings in songs like “The Backstabbers” by the O’Jays (1972) helped to maintain continued support of the Civil Rights Movement in the African American community.

Topic: Artists who gained popularity during this time period Sample Topic Sentence: Many of the influential artists whose work is discussed in music history classes—such as Bob Dylan, Mahalia Jackson, and Sam Cooke—first emerged from the Civil Rights Movement.

Besides differing in purpose, they also differ in number: Your essay should have one clear thesis (in a sentence or two near the beginning), but it may have many topic sentences throughout.

The topic sentences don’t repeat your thesis — instead, they each focus on one key aspect of supporting your argument.Don’t worry about researching the topic if you don’t know much about this type of music!Remember, the topic sentence simply introduces the information—the facts and details wouldn’t be explained until later in the paragraph.Most academic writing takes the form of an argument.Writers set out to prove a point of one kind or another - interpretive, opinion-based or research-oriented.A good example would rely on the topic you are assigned, and what your position on the topic is. For not having this information available, let me set a topic. Do you think he is spoiled, or is there a motivation for his behavior that even he is not aware exists? If you are reading the book and have not read more than one-third of it, you might say he is spoiled.Your topic sentence (really more of a thesis statement) might be that Amir is a spoiled little rich boy whose friendship with a Hassid servant allows him to practice upper class snobbery over a loyal friend.Topic sentences will usually go at the beginning of a paragraph, although there can be exceptions. Our certified Educators are real professors, teachers, and scholars who use their academic expertise to tackle your toughest questions.Your main body of the paragraph would seek to support that topic sentence with reasons from the novel.Though not every paragraph must contain a clear topic sentence, it’s a good idea if beginning writers practice organizing their thoughts by placing topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph. Topic sentences are exactly what they sound like—sentences that announce and summarize a topic for your reader.


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