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How to Start Up Your E-Mail Client Nothing can be more frustrating than knowing that your best friend has just sent you some e-mail, but you don’t know how to get into the computer system at school to read your e-mail.

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If you’re going to write about how to make a soufflé, don’t start with the eggs.

Start with how you’d feel if your new mother-in-law came over for dinner and your souffleé came out looking like a pile of scrambled eggs — and then tell your readers how they’ll feel if they do things your way!

If you’re going to write about how to jump-start a dead car battery, don’t start with hooking up the cables.

Start with the dark snowy morning in the parking lot, and there’s no garage around, and sleet is dripping down your neck, and how do you hook up these stupid cables you find in the trunk?

We could read a good essay about how to wallpaper around a window or a bathroom vanity, but it would be much better to watch a videotape of the same process.

There are some things that are much better seen than read.

Try describing the process of tying your shoes and you’ll see what we mean.

Be especially careful of the connections between your sentences in a process essay.

Don’t write about something that is too complicated. You don’t like being overwhelmed by directions, and you don’t want to overwhelm your reader.

Don’t try to write a brief process essay about something that needs an instruction manual. Also, don’t write about something that needs to be accompanied by visual aids.


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