Tips For Writing A Medical Case Study

Tips For Writing A Medical Case Study-76
In fact, many journals have specific consent forms that need to be duly filled by the patient, before the paper can be submitted for publication to the journal.At this stage, you must also gather the patient's demographic details such as age, sex, current and past diagnosis, details of the treatment - previous as well as current and the detailed medical history.However, you choose to write, you must ensure that your introduction bestows clarity to your discussion.

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You must also collect significant documents and reports such as the patient's x-rays, lab reports and clinical photographs.

Once you have all the information and research material handy, you can begin the writing of your medical case history report.

It should also help readers with background information on the medical condition of the patient.

This section of your medical case history paper should describe the purpose or objective of your writing.

However, depending on the journal that you aspire to publish your medical case history paper in, you might have to alter the format of the abstract.

Tips For Writing A Medical Case Study

The introduction should be brief and should help readers with a clear insight into the topic, objective and merit of the medical case history.

The purpose of an abstract is to help researchers retrieve your work easily from libraries and electronic databases.

As with any type of paper, your abstract should be a concise summary of your paper.

To write a decent medical history paper, students must collaborate with an administering physician so that one has enough details of the patient's condition.

The support of an administering physician can also help you obtain the consent to publish your medical case history paper in a peer-reviewed journal.


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