Timothy Bowers Dissertation

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Fulkerson PDF Korean Immigrant Parents and Their Children's Academic Achievement, Ami Kim PDF Proposition 48: Knowledge, Attitude and Appreciation in High School Student-Athletes, Robin Salters PDF Factors Influencing Prison Industry, Erik Dill PDF Intellectuals and Nationalism in Cyprus: A Study of the Role of Intellectuals in the 1931 Uprising, Georgios P. Government and David Koresh and the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX, Kimberly A. Ardovini-Brooker PDF Community Leaders’ Perceptions of Violence Against Women as a Public Health Issue, Deborah J. Coats PDF The Life and Times of a Fact: A Sociological Analysis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Corey J.Loizides PDF A Policy Analysis of Teen Courts: A Look at Teen Courts as a Viable Alternative to the Juvenile Court System, Jon P. Colyer PDF The Implementation of Group Mentoring Between At-Risk Teenage African American Males and Successful Adult African American Men, Cornell Mathis PDF Perceptions of Americanization in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, John W.

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Weintz PDF Self-Disclosure in Male Friendships: Exploring Possibilities, Timothy D.

Bower PDF Tales of Forbidden Love: A Sociological Analysis of Interracial Intimacy, Candice L.

Bradshaw PDF Breaking Protocol: The Failure of the Bush Administration to Ratify the Kyoto Protocol as A State Crime, Jacquelynn A.

Doyon PDF An Evaluation of the Challenge Day Program, Deborah S., Carolina Calvillo PDF Foster Care Aftermath: Comparing Permanency Data before and after the First Round of Program Improvement Plans, Kristy Nicole Niblock PDF Alternative Female Beauty: Women and Tattoos, Shannon E.Vacek PDF The Educational and Ministerial Goals of Female Seminarians, Lori Verspoor PDF Representations of Homosexuality by Exodus International Ministries and Westboro Baptist Church Websites, Cody Wedge PDF Religion, Politics, and Terror: Determinants of Tolerance for Radical Islamist Ideology in America, Jacob A. In Inquiry into the Events of September 11, 2001, Elizabeth A.A study of the mental health and relationship problems in a sample of children in family foster care compared with a matched control of school peers and concordance in mental health need and service use In vitro and in vivo investigation of enzymatic clot lysis through non-thermal mechanisms using focused ultrasound waves as an adjunct to thrombolytic drug tenecteplase and in synergy with microbubbles Supervision and counselling psychology : an investigation into current practice, an exploration of the supervision needs of qualified practitioners with a case study, and peer supervision- what does it offer for the experienced practitioner Crossmodal spatial representations: behavioural and electrophysiological evidence on the effects of vision and posture on somatosensory processing in normal population and in right-brain-damaged patients Application of cybernetic models in the study of safety and economics of nuclear power systems and other high risk organizations: A study of nuclear power and high risk organizations to understand the central role of management in the safety and economics of these operations Promotion of health and prevention of ill-health for Camden's older citizens: the systematic use of existing administrative data to examine the relationship between health, contact with social services and socio-economic characteristics An exploration of the work of David Bintley, a very ‘English’ choreographer, with particular reference to his use of English Morris dance in Still Life at the Penguin Café and the process of translating ‘genuine’ English Morris dance to a theatrical environment.All master’s theses completed through the Graduate College of Western Michigan University since 2012 have been entered into Scholar Works.Edel PDF Cheating Death: The Demedicalization of CPR, Michelle Nicole Erwin PDF From Sandbox to Altar: What I Didn’t Know, Thought I Knew, and Discovered about Learning and Relationships, Cherilyn L.Gardner PDF The Influence of Teacher Expectations on Black and White Students' Academic Achievement: A Hierarchical Linear Modeling Analysis, Syprose A. Comparing Mormon Views about Gender for Humans and Gods, Michelle D.PDF Timelines and Trade Chat: Comparing Contextual Self-Disclosure and Perceived Social Capital on Social Networking Sites and Massively Multiplayer Online Games, Ryan P.Castillo PDF Finding a Baseline for Accountability in Diversion Programming, Anthony G.Race and local governance : theoretical reflections and examination of two case studies in the United Kingdom and South Africa: or #who said we weren't interested in justice, equality, democracy and freedom?'; emancipation in the ushering dusk of Black politics as White boys try to switch off the Enlightenment Information systems implementation and IT-enabled organisational change in the Eastern Caribbean tourism sector : an examination of factors impacting on the successful adoption and use of the Internet and web-based systems in national tourist offices and the Caribbean Tourism Organisation Rediscovering the arcane science of ground handling large airships : an investigation into ways of reducing the risks inherent in the development of a new generation of very large airships and of establishing guidelines for their ground handling procedure An investigation into the parental stress levels of families who have children with severe developmental disabilities using residential short breaks: a contributing factor of its stress reduction impact The arts, culture and exclusion : with reference to New Labour cultural policy 1997-2002 this is a critical examination of the social function and evaluation of the arts in Britain and the extent to which they legitimate social difference or integrate the socially excluded“Am iz kwiin” (I’m his queen): an exploration of mothers’ disclosure of maternal HIV to their children in Kingston, Jamaica: using feminist Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) in a resource-constrained context Deconstructing "Abandonment of Seafarers": A study on the transnationality of abandonment of seafarers: To what extent do private actors/shipping industry stakeholders have an impact on abandonment of seafarers? 31 by Franz Wilhelm Ferling (1796-1874), based on original historical evidence and viewed within the context of the evolution of didactic material for oboe, with particular reference to nineteenth-century performing practices.


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