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Situational Irony Examples: There are roaches infesting the office of a pest control service.A plumber spends all day working on leaky taps and comes home to find a pipe has burst into his home.

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Ironic essays mean the opposite of their content; they mean exactly what they do not say.

An excellent example of an ironic essay is Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal." Swift wrote it in 1729 in response to the appalling plight of the Irish poor, who were dying in London streets.

The Greeks, having lain siege to Troy for a long period of time devise the Trojan Horse to sneak into the city.

The Trojans take the horse into the city as a gift, which leads to their demise.

Irony is a device that illustrates a meaning opposite to the words written. If a principal writes a letter to congratulate a teacher he is firing or a woman writes a love letter to a suitor she intends to reject, the writer is being ironic -- bitterly so.

An ironic essay is one that uses opposite meanings to illuminate, for the reader, the author's actual intent.

An example of dramatic irony may be found in Virgil’s epic tale, the Aeneid.

In the Aeneid, Virgil recounts the fall of Troy to the Greeks.

One method of writing an essay with irony is to model your work after Swift's and adopt a persona suitable to convey the opposite of your message.

If you write an editorial praising an opinion with which you disagree, use Swift's hyperbole and overdo the praise effusively. Or you might adopt a "tough-guy" attitude beyond its need.


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