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The most common request was for tips on how to pick the right employer, I think that's a reflection that this is a buyers market [I promise to write that post just as soon as I can]. Anything really, but a real problem for my company or a company I know." I can some gut feels on candidates, but it's really hard to say. You must give them a piece of gold at the end of every day. :) The model suggested in the email of, what I call, temp to perm is not a bad idea because it both allows you to test the person out but more importantly you can check other attributes like leadership and team fit etc. Something I can't think about (if for no other reason than because I am too close to the problem and you are not).The instructor can also make sure that all students contribute to team brainstorming and problem solving sessions.

The most common request was for tips on how to pick the right employer, I think that's a reflection that this is a buyers market [I promise to write that post just as soon as I can]. Anything really, but a real problem for my company or a company I know.

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I am trying to see how fast you think, and what happens, if you are backed into a corner.

If you are a critical thinker you'll think uniquely and be able to, for the lack of a better word, survive.

Independent thinking is always important, even in team exercises.

Independent thinkers strengthen a team because they understand that different backgrounds and perspectives bring different ideas and solutions.

This differs from critical thinking, which is the process used to collect and process information to arrive at a logical conclusion.

In other words, independent thinking has more to do with the desire to think for oneself and critical thinking is the process used to deal with information.

No matter how many books they have read / written :) and how long and impressive the resume was. Can't be "pushed" too easily to change opinions. I have used the word amazing in this post a few times. Any favorite tips / best practices you have developed over the years? : Here are two of my favorite posts on this blog, and they are totally non web analytics related.

Frame a open ended real problem, wait for the answer, then push back politely. By pushing you a bit, very respectfully and in a very dignified non-challenging way, I am trying to assess your personality type. Can stand up and defend (it is amazing how many people fall at this). But here is the most amazing thing: even if you know precisely what I am going to do, above, it is nearly impossible for you to "prepare" for it. How did you identify the last fantastic employee you hired?

During group discussions, the instructor can ask higher order questions instead of just direct recall or knowledge questions.

This encourages the students to think on their own about concepts.


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