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The real purpose of stories is to relate the truth of experience, not to create false emotions in their audiences.

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Tim O’Brien retells stories and events to make his own story more believable.

O’Brien gives the main character his own name and naming all of the other soldiers which makes it difficult to label the book as fact or fiction.

The last place of irony is when O’Brien says that this story was actually a love story.

When most people think of death and war they think of sadness and tragedy.

“Except for the laughter things were quiet,” (67) and “You hear stuff nobody should ever hear,” (69) are some quotes that describes the sounds the soldiers are hearing.

O’Brien uses sight as a big component for setting up the setting and describing what the soldiers saw. Sharp grey eyes, lean and narrow-waisted…”(67), “A deep pinkish red spilled out on the river, which moved with no sound…(68).The Things They Carried Rhetorical Analysis Essay In The Things They Carried by Tim O’brien, O’Brien uses many short stories to describe his experience in Vietnam.The story that captured many aspects of writing was “How to Tell a True War Story” because it acts as a guide to writing a true story.(65) This quote is saying if you don’t want the offensive words or phrases then you don’t want the truth of the story.“In many cases a true war story cannot be believed.O’Brien uses many rhetorical strategies like irony, imagery, and motifs that get the reader thinking.Imagery helps develop the setting and the characters.O’Brien separates the story into three different parts to give the reader an example of a story that is “true”.The next section would about the truth about writing a true story and the last section is his personal reflection on the whole situation.The other narrative technique is that O’Brien retells certain events.He retells how Curt Lemon died, he retells Mitchell Sanders telling a story, and he retells how women react when you tell them stories about the war.


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