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In it, she writes: The Black Bourgeois, who all say “yah” When yeah is what they’re meaning Should look around, both up and down Before they set out preening.

In it, she writes: The Black Bourgeois, who all say “yah” When yeah is what they’re meaning Should look around, both up and down Before they set out preening.“Indeed” they swear, “that’s what I’ll wear When I go country-clubbing,” I’d remind them please, look at those knees You got a Miss Ann’s scrubbing.

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In a 1996 CNN article she stated: “The very idea that African-American language is a language separate and apart can be very threatening, because it can encourage young men and women not to learn standard English.” Angelou recognized that having access to more prestigious varieties of English was a valuable social tool, and having a larger array of words to choose from meant greater power for her and her students.

To be sure, the majority of the text in Angelou’s autobiographies and poems was written in a standardized English, capturing her culture more in the lyrical form and subject matter, although she sometimes incorporated one of the five other languages that she spoke into her work.

A successful writer ultimately celebrates the idiolect, the intimate language of the individual and the individual experience. Angelou sounded like my grandmother and all of the Winston-Salem Baptist English educators that I wanted to be as a child. As a daughter of Winston-Salem, in Southern honorific tradition, where attention to titles conveys respect, I would have never dreamed of calling her by her first name. You were quite literally who I wanted to be when I grew up.

Poet, dancer, singer, activist, and scholar, Maya Angelou is a world-famous author.

Her older brother, Bailey, gave Angelou her nickname “Maya”.

Returning to her mother’s care briefly at the age of seven, Angelou was raped by her mother’s boyfriend.

, Angelou writes also of language socialization, particularly at a time when certain language was punishable by spanking, in an explanation that encompasses religion and race: Momma wouldn’t talk right then, but later in the evening I found that my violation lay in using the phrase “by the way.” Momma explained that “Jesus was the Way, the Truth and the Light,” and anyone who says “by the way” is really saying, “by Jesus,” or “by God” and the Lord’s name would not be taken in vain in her house.

When Bailey tried to interpret the words with: “Whitefolks use ‘by the way’ to mean while we’re on the subject,” Momma reminded us that “whitefolks’ mouths were most in general loose and their words were an abomination before Christ.” The language of Maya Angelou captures the discourse of a long life, particularly the life of the Southern Black community in the 20th century. She gave us the language and the courage to tell our stories.

He was later jailed and then killed when released from jail.

Believing that her confession of the trauma had a hand in the man’s death, Angelou became mute for 6 years.


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