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It also has such a lovely (and clear – easily grasped) story about working together and being part of a team. I will definitely be buying more for birthday presents etc. Back in 2005, friends Wandile Zondo and Galebowe Mahlatsi came together with the intention of making authentically Soweto-inspired street wear.Jungle Jam is a fantastic book that really appeals to young children.

Thesis Lifestyle was born, with its first retail space opening up in Mofolo, Soweto, in 2007.

Fast-forward to 2016 and Thesis Lifestyle markets a hugely popular apparel brand made by their in-house design team.

He loved the colours, rhymes and the moral, which he said was; “It’s better to be part of something, than be on your own”. She really loves finding and naming all of the animals on the last page. Fab book about music and team work This is a great book.

Then later, for the first time ever, he got a pen and paper and started to write, and wrote a page and a half about elephants. We’re quite a musical loving family and often have jams together with shakers, drums and guitars. All love Jungle Jam – the 1 My 3 children (6, 4, 1.5) all love Jungle Jam – the 1.5 year old (who NEVER sits still long enough to engage in a whole story) loves the wonderful, colourful illustrations and was actively engaged in the story and loved making the animal noises. that my toddler thoroughly enjoys and my bigger kids love reading it to him A lovely book that my toddler thoroughly enjoys and my bigger kids love reading it to him. Wonderfully different kids book that encourages reading and interest in music. My two and a half year old grand-daughter loves repeating the line “and off he pops” after only a couple of reads. Fun, colourful and a pleasure to read out loud Such a fun colourful book, my godson loved the rhymes and wouldn’t put it down.

An opportunity to revamp an old dump site and save on overheads inspired Zondo and Mahlatsi to go green for their Kagiso store, which is housed in a shipping container.

Although it is situated in the township, their customers come from all over – from tourists to young people from the area who save up to buy a few items, to others who have moved out of Soweto but still visit regularly.“Why else would companies ignore the well-being of their customers, the depletion of natural resources vital to their businesses, the viability of suppliers, and the economic distress of the communities in which they produce and sell? The authors believe that things don’t have to continue in this way.“Companies could bring business and society back together if they redefined their purpose as creating 'shared value' — generating economic value in a way that also produces value for society by addressing its challenges.In South Africa, the shared value model was spearheaded by Discovery’s Adrian Gore, whose business model centres on making people healthier and having a positive long-term impact on cost and value for both the insurer and the client.The model encourages clients to be healthier, which means there is a positive impact on mortality and morbidity in the health, life and short-term insurance markets.They also introduced Thesis Run Cru, which fosters a running tradition in their neighbourhood.While encouraging their community to live a healthier lifestyle, they are changing the way people interact with the brand.The good news is that shared value is not exclusive to big business.Changing the face of township business Wandi Zondo is one such an entrepreneur who spotted an opportunity in street culture.The two entrepreneurs are working on expanding their online store while growing the footprint of the brand in other townships in Gauteng, and continuing to change the face of their own “hood”.Kramer of the Kennedy School at Harvard University.


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