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[PDF: ~3.5 MB] (Weitz) VANICEK, JIRI JOSEPH LADISLAV, A. Uniform semiclassical approximations and their applications. In such a case, the scientific reputation of the external researcher must be documented by a Curriculum Vitae and publication list.

However, if your thesis takes longer than this, you can sign up for Master's Continuing Research, which provides automatic full time status but carries no credits.

Master's students are allowed six credits maximum under Physics 899 for their career at UNH.

The purpose of a Thesis Committee is to oversee the progress of the thesis work and to propose changes to the scope of the work, if appropriate. In the case of an interdisciplinary thesis, faculty from other Departments of the University may be included in the Committee.

The student may seek advice from any member of the Thesis Committee with regard to thesis related questions. If collaboration with an outside research institution is a vital part of the thesis work, an external scientist may be added to the Committee on request of the student or Thesis Advisor.

A reasonable time period for a Master's Thesis is 2-3 years, and for a Ph. thesis is 5-7 years (this is total time including course work).

These times are not hard cutoffs, but serve as warnings to the student and Thesis Committee. thesis or three for a Master's thesis) are selected by the student and the Thesis Advisor after the thesis topic is selected. Usually three faculty members are in a research field closely related to the thesis work, while one of the faculty members should be selected from a different field. Holography for Coset Spaces and Noncommutative Solitions. Magnetic Trapping of Atomic Chromium and Molecular Calcium Monohydride. While research work is being completed, students register for Physics 999 (Ph. thesis work) or Physics 899 (Master's thesis work).Part time students who need to take time off may sign up for Master's Continuous Registration, which carries zero credits, but which will allow you to continue to be officially a matriculated student.However, the scope of the study should only be extended in agreement with the student and the Thesis Committee.The student should feel free to suggest shifts of the scope.The expected duration of a thesis varies from topic to topic and may depend on the accessibility of major experimental hardware during the project and available resources.If unduly long delays arise from problems with the availability of resources, the Thesis Advisor shall explore alternate scopes of the thesis with the student to allow completion of the thesis within a reasonable time period. Depinning with Elastic Waves: Criticality, Hysteresis, and Even Pseudo-Hysteresis. Hydrodynamics and Electrokinetics in Colloidal and Microfluidic Systems.


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