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Dealing with people is always full of integrity and transparency, which stimulates balanced open dialogues.This type of communication is one of the most effective in Nestle.It also serves as a valuable source of information and adds value to the decision-making process.

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Organizational communication plays a significant role for a company’s management as it serves as a foundation for planning and a platform for the implementation of the future strategic changes.

It serves as a way to promote motivation by sending to employees a clear message how tasks should be done and what improvements are needed for the further excellent performance.

The company has a lot of external communication, which refers to commercial breaks, media advertisements, printed media, president’s messages, annual reports and others.

It is also important to mention that Nestle is one of those companies that takes care of consumers needs and allocates numerous resources in order to build and support the strength of the communication channel between the company and its consumers.

However, the diagonal type of communication is also present at Nestle Company, as sometimes the management board members make decisions on behalf of the company and communicate them to lower positions.

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Thus, even members of the management team communicate with one another before making a final decision, and the practice of asking for feedback of what a person thinks is the best for the company in case of change implementation is not a rare matter.

The other part of the following paper includes an interview that was conducted with a shop assistant in Nordstrom in order to get an insight on how the communication is built in their company and what are the similarities and differences with Nestle.

Jenny has been working for Nordstrom as a sales assistant for more than two years, and she claims that “Nordstrom is the company that puts its customers above everything! No one can dispute that, as this company is famous for its refund policy and special treatment of customers.

Employees are encouraged to participate in different activities and decision-making processes, which are offered by the company on a daily basis.

Moreover, the management of the company asks the opinion of workers, promotes the practices of regular feedback both on peer-to-peer, subordinate to manager and manager to subordinate levels.


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