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These hand picked eee projects are simple as well as interesting.

These hand picked eee projects are simple as well as interesting.This system requires involvement of a wide range of engineering including mechanical electrical and electronics.It also detects sparks in the mains wiring and if these persist, it gives a warning alarm.

This makes it difficult to judge the position of the boat, especially in a pitch-dark anchorage.

This project is a compact yet inexpensive automatic anchor light integrated with an ambient light sensor that turns it on and off automatically.

This project is available at: 5V DC To 48V DC Converter For Phantom Power Supplies Circuits like Geiger counters, insect zappers, Nixie tubes and sensors require high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) supplies.

There are various types of HVDC supplies available in the market, including voltage doubler or quadrupler, flyback converter and boost converter. But with right calculations using basic boost conversion formulae, we may achieve HVDC supplies capable of clean and high current capacity.

This project is available at: Automatic Anchor light The buffer circuit described here is useful in enhancing the AC input impedance of audio amplifiers used with pickups in musical instruments.

Signal sources for amplifiers and passive pickups for electric guitars require very high-impedance of over 5-mega-ohm.This can be achieved easily with junction field effect transistor (JFET) but may require special design of the printed circuit board (PCB), appropriate construction techniques of the box, proper cables and connectors.This project provides a solution for a high-impedance, low-cost, low-quiescent current, buffer-follower based on PN4393 JFET.Listed below are some electrical engineering project ideas for such engineers.A lot of them may deal in higher power than electronics engineers are used to, hence safety first.The number and colors of light vary with the size of vessel.A masthead anchor light is out of fashion as it is too high above the water level.When working with battery supply, it becomes difficult to get dual power supply for the op-amps.Presented here is a simple circuit that provides ±5V from a 9V battery.Filip's thesis entitled "Secondary distribution substation monitoring system" represents the basis for future research in the field of advanced monitoring solutions in smart grids.Basic research has been made and further development will continue within the company.


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