Thesis About Computer Virus

Thesis About Computer Virus-37
Below are some of the definition as highlighted by different computer...more Micro viruses and the difference between the two concepts cannot be overemphasis, different scholars had defined the concept of macro and micro viruses differently.

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They spread by attaching themselves to other programs (such as your word processing or spreadsheet programs).

Then when a file with a virus attached to it is executed the virus will also be executed.

There is a type of computer program that is designed and written to destroy, alter or damage data stored on computers without your knowledge or permission. Your computer reboots unexpectedly These programs are typically referred to as viruses although technically the computing term virus actually refers to a specific type of pest program. The difference between these pest programs is how they behave when attacking a computer system and I am going to look at each type individually to explain the difference starting with viruses.

These are some of the problems that these programs cause ? Your computer develops strange visual and sound effects ? A computer virus is a program that is designed to replicate and spread itself on its own, preferably without anybody knowing it exists.

The frequent ethereality of such language attempts to visualise, embody, and comprehend the profusion of technical systems that we share the atmosphere with, their very terming gesturing to their spectral protrusion into, ostensibly, ‘our’ reality.

The eruption of pixels, voxels, and glitches haunts our peripheral vision, a deceptive representation of a far more intangible sphere.Below are some of the definition as highlighted by different computer scientist as well as philosophers in the field of sc Glitches are moments of disruption; they represent the exposure of technical process, moving away from the binaries of input and output to consider what comes in-between.The growing ubiquity of interconnected systems prompts a desire...The study is conducted in the framework of the cognitive discursive paradigm of modern...more The article deals with the problem of semantic roles’ distribution in the frame VIRUS designated by the term virus in the computer virology discourse.The semantic roles of the frame VIRUS include Agent, Counteragent, Object, Addressee, Patient, Result, and Instrument.It has been found that besides the most distinctive distribution of semantic roles in the frame VIRUS, showing that the malicious program is conceptualized as the aggressor and a computer or its user as a victim, which correspond to the roles of the Agent and the Patient, there might be the frames with a virus in the role of the Counteragent, the Object, the Result, the Instrument, the Patient, and even the Place.A frame is considered as part of context and a situation model representing a reallife event. Fillmore’s frame semantics and the identification of deep cases or semantic roles are used as the main method of data analyses.We have analyzed the most typical plans of semantic roles’ distribution in the frame VIRUS.The Internet Worm was released on to the Internet on the 2nd November 1988 spread to over 6,000 computers in less than a day.And the total monetary costs of this infection are estimated at about ,000,000.


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