Therapeutic Relationships In Nursing Essay

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Good active listening can lead to a better understanding of the patients most recent health issues.

Poor listening could be as a result of message overload, physical noise, poor effort and psychological noise.

The development of therapeutic relationships in health and social care are important in order to create and maintain a successful, professional relationship between staff and service user.

This helps to promote congruence between intervention planning and treatment, increasing the likelihood of success when implementing a treatment or care plan.

This process requires three components the sender, the receiver and the message.

Communication would not be possible if any of these components are absent.Communication is done every day through a linear process.Messages being sent at the same time through verbal and non- verbal avenues, it is expected the receiver is able to understand the way this is communicated.Therefore verbal communication in nursing should be seen as a primary process and a powerful tool in the assessment of a patient.There are two main types of questioning, open-ended questions or closed questions.Reflecting on communication in practice will also enforce the theory behind communication and allow a nurse to look at bad and good communication in different situations.This will then enforce the use of good communication techniques in a variety of situations allowing for a more interpersonal and therapeutic nurse patient relationship.The Gibbs cycle (Gibbs, 1988) is a tool with which health and social care professionals and employees apply to enable reflective practice within their workplaces.Reflective practice is particularly important in health and social care contexts due to the high frequency and sensitive level of interactions between staff, patients and third parties. These include local education authority, health services, social service department and charities and voluntary organisations. Children are entitled to basic human rights such as food, health care, a safe home and protection from abuse but because ...The outcome of these reflections can then be applied to their future practice.Reflection also contributed to continuing professional development (CPD), an integral part of the employee supervision process in the NHS and other health and social care employers.


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