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Laertes is obviously distressed, and cries out, "O heat, dry up my brains!

Laertes is obviously distressed, and cries out, "O heat, dry up my brains!Tears seven times salt / burn out the sense and virtue of mine eye!" This creative and complex image of pain allows us to connect with Laertes' anguish and sorrow as he witnesses Ophelia's madness.

Shakespeare uses imagery effectively to depict a theme of madness throughout the play.

Following the murder of Polonius, Gertrude describes Hamlet's madness by comparing it to the sea beneath a storm.

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Essays consisting of composition pieces, Hamlet essays and poetry essays. Shakespeare uses a complex pattern of images in Hamlet in order to deepen our understanding of the characters and to establish major themes.

Later in the play, additional imagery is used to further this theme, as Hamlet cries to his mother of her poor choice to remarry.

He says her choice was unwise, and compares her injudicious selection to one chosen by "Eyes without feeling, feeling without sight,/Ears without hands or eyes,/ Smelling sans all," and wonders, "What devil was't," that compelled Gertrude to remarry, "Hyperion to a satyr" Through such complex imagery as mentioned above, Shakespeare is able to demonstrate the extent of Hamlet's disapproval of the marriage, which furthers the theme of betrayal that dominates throughout the play and allows us to understand Hamlet's anger towards the newly-wed queen.

Marcellus also suggests that Denmark has entered into a war economy, "Why such daily cast of brazen cannon / And foreign mart for implements of war," Hamlet, on his way to exile in England, meets a captain in Fortinbras' army.

He learns that Fortinbras' army are marching to Poland to regain, "A little patch of ground/That hath no profit in it but the name," Hamlet is fascinated by Fortinbras' willingness to die over something so insignificant, and the encounter prompts Hamlet's final soliloquy, giving us a deeper understanding of Fortinbras and Hamlet, and the theme of war.

Hamlet, affected by both Claudius' murder and his marriage, utilises disease imagery, mainly in his soliloquies.

During his first soliloquy, Hamlet wishes that the physical disintegration which the sun promotes would lead to his own death, "Oh that this too too solid flesh would melt / Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew!


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