The Over Amerimperialism Essay

Seth sees a black van driving through the town but is dragged by a girl and a boy to a cave.

They tell him that they must hide from what they call the Driver, the being that drives the van. Regine tells Seth her theory that this place is the real world, but people liked being "online" (the Lethe, as they called it) so much that they decided to stay online permanently.

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At first, it is not obvious the Driver is another being, but it becomes later known as the story progresses. The coffins were designed to carry out bodily functions.

The reason they woke up in the real world is because all of them died when they hit a particular spot on their head, which disconnected them.The book begins with an account of a 16-year-old boy, Seth Wearing, drowning.Afterwards, he finds himself in what he assumes to be a hell made for him.Although unsure of the plan succeeding, Regine and Tomasz agree to help.They set out to his coffin, but are stopped by the Driver.Seth remembers that when he was eight, he was left alone in a house with his four-year-old brother, Owen.An escaped convict from a nearby prison kidnapped Owen for three days, leaving him with psychological damage and prompting the family to move to America.In addition, it is important to have the right skills to enable you write your essay very fast as in most of the cases, you will be required to submit your essay within a limited timeframe.There are a couple of reasons why you may be in need to write an essay on such tight deadlines.The Driver appears and takes Regine away after nearly killing her. The Driver is reconnecting her to her coffin, placing her back in a few minutes before her death so that she can die properly. Once rescued, Regine tells them that she remembered this life when she was back in her online life.Seth theorizes that the gas from a particular tube is Lethe, and if they do not inhale it, they will still remember the real world.


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