The Of My Father Essay

He is the one whom I can rely upon blindly during any hour of need, and I know that he shall be there for me.

A father is the one who earns the badge of the stricter parent and whose denial of permission for anything means a lot to the children.

I also admire my father and try to imbibe his qualities so that I become like him when I grow up.

My Father – My Role Model: My father is my role model for many reasons. That is why he is so respected in his office as well.

He is always there to help his colleagues even if it is not his work.

Introduction: My father is a person who takes care of my family and loves each one of us dearly.

My father acts as the pillar of support and strength for my family.It is safe for me to say that my father is largely the reason behind my present joy and happiness.I can say that I am the person who I am today and the person that I am growing to be, is all because of the influence he has had and is having on me.He always makes time to play with me and catch up on all the happenings in my life even after the hard work of the day.My father is one man who is very unique and different.Conclusion: There is no doubt that my father’s role is vital in my life.His presence is vital for maintaining the balance and peace in my family.He does not even try to attract any of us to his business but he tries to teach how we can discover our own passion and fields of interest in life.He does his best to encourage us in the pursuance of our various dreams.Introduction: My father is my hero and guide in my life.He is the one I look upon whenever I find myself in trouble.


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