The Negative Effects Of Homework

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Finally, if your kid is really struggling with the workload, Brooks says it might be time to talk to his or her teacher.

Schools are getting rid of homework from Essex, Mass., to Los Angeles, Calif.

“Students who did more hours of homework experienced greater behavioral engagement in school but also more academic stress, physical health problems and lack of balance in their lives,” the study notes.

That came as no surprise to Brooks, who says many students express feeling anxious about the amount of homework they have, even as early as sixth grade.

Kids from disadvantaged homes are more likely to work at afterschool jobs, or to be home without supervision in the evenings while their parents work multiple jobs.” [RELATED] How to Advance Your Career: A Guide for Educators While students growing up in more affluent areas are likely playing sports, participating in other recreational activities after school, or receiving additional tutoring, children in disadvantaged areas are more likely headed to work after school, taking care of siblings while their parents work or dealing with an unstable home life.

Adding homework into the mix is one more thing to deal with — and if the student is struggling, the task of completing homework can be too much to consider at the end of an already long school day.“Our school district is very competitive,” Brooks told Metro Parent in a 2014 interview.“I think they are under a lot of stress where I teach.So while they may not necessarily have to help their children with their homework, they do have to stay on top of it – and know how much their child has, when it’s due, etc.According to the study, it also impacts the quality and quantity of family time.Designate a quiet spot for your child to do homework – one that is free of distractions.Brooks also suggests checking your child’s school’s website or teacher blogs for upcoming homework and projects.Teens were asked about homework load/usefulness, time for other activities, stress and more.Questions included: Kids were asked to rate them on a five-point scale, from 1 (never) to 5 (always).And, it turns out, they could be experiencing some negative effects of too much homework, in particular.As parents, we want to raise well-rounded children who will become successful adults, so we keep them active in school clubs, sports and more – and make sure they stay on top of school stuff.


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