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The hope is that the field of artificial intelligence can get out of the doldrums it’s been in since the 60’s by emulating the circuit operations of real brains.The efforts at simulation of activity patterns of various networks involved in behaviors or cognitive tasks are expected benefit from checking of predictions with performance of real operational patterns, and, in turn, simulation constructs that work well should be applicable as algorithms to make sense of the vast data streams of neuronal activity sequences from live brains.

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The Human Body Brain Essays

A must-read for anyone trying to understand ambitious new research programs such as the Obama administration's BRAIN Initiative and the European Union's Human Brain Project, The Future of the Brain sheds light on the breathtaking implications of brain science for medicine, psychiatry, and even human consciousness itself.

I got the most mileage out of brief representation from the field of rehabilitation and the promise of effective brain-machine interfaces, a chapter placed in a final section called “Implications.”This book is not something I can recommend to satisfy the interests of average readers.

I would recommend instead a book of more open speculation by the physicist Kaku, The Future of the Mind, whose goal was to guess where we will be in 100 years.

This book was provided as a e-book by the published through the Netgalley program. I had borrowed it from my university's library and they didn't let me keep it more than a couple of days straight.

But since the book is a collection of essays, it really doesn't matter if you read it through.


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