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Like the scene wherein Edgecombe and Ed Lacroix talked about Mr. Instead of treating these two scenes as separate ones (just like in the novel), Darabont fused the two events into one.

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In addition, the novel was also a reflection of Edgecombe's changing view with capital punishment; wherein the punishment for convicted criminals was met through electrocution.

The novel also deals with the question of one's belief in miracles and life creation, since Coffey has this extraordinary gift of healing and life, which, apparently, is in direct contrast with the setting of the story.

It focuses on the themes of destruction and creation, where people condemned Coffey to die because of the crime that he committed (without them knowing that he actually attempted to save the victims), and Coffey being the life- giver, possessing the ability to help people recover and be cured from their illness, and even death (although it was too late for him to save the Detterick twins).

Frank Darabont directed the movie, a full three hours and ten minutes (3 hrs. The movie was lengthy, since Darabont tried to squeeze in most of the details of the story the best he could, and for three full hours, there have been changes that were made so that the movie can be enduring for the viewers, yet, will not lose its original content, for the sake of those who have read the book first before watching the movie.

Jingles, and the one with Brutal suggesting that Mr.

Jingles be put to Mouseville, a special place for a "talented mouse" like Mr. Darabont's fusion of these two separate events made it more convenient for Darabont to make (since it is a time- saver) and for the audience (for its conciseness).Remembering his past, Edgecombe feels the urge to recall everything that happened in his past life exactly as it occurred; and when he recalls those memories, he will then write about it. There was no helicopter coming to the aid of Moore's assault.Thus, the readers are transported again to a young Edgecombe at Cold Mountain, and events of the past will again be remembered and told. In the words of Vest, only few authors have risen to the level of relevance and success as Thomas Harris, who authored just five novels, beginning from versions of "The Green Mile" The Green Mile" is a six-part serial novel by Stephen King, an acclaimed novelist known for his themes of suspense, thriller, and the supernatural.The novel uses Paul Edgecombe, the chief prison guard of Cold Mountain Penitentiary, as the chief narrator of the story.Fusion of separate scenes became staple for the movie since a three-hour movie tends to waver the audience's attention, which is short-spanned.One of the major changes that totally differentiate the book from the movie is the time period that King and Darabont used to narrate the story. 15 July 2002 Green Mile, by Frank Darabont [...] several aspects of the second draft of the script.There are also several characters missing in the novel; particularly that of Brad Dolan, and a convict nicknamed "The President." Brad Dolan was an important character in the novel, but he was not included in the movie. Dolan, an orderly at Georgia Pines, like hurting Edgecombe physically, taking advantage of the fact that he is already an old, weak man.Dolan is essential in building-up King's story because Edgecombes sees a parallelism of character and behavior between Dolan and Percy Wetmore, a detested young prison guard in E. Edgecombe remembers Wetmore whenever Dolan abuses or taunts him, and upon remembering Wetmore, he also remembers a whole lot of events that will link him again to the past.The firs thing that the viewers (that is, those who have read the novel before watching the movie version of the story) will notice is the change of time period where the story started.In the novel, King started the story with Edgecombe narrating his life as superintendent of the E.


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