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A distinctive feature between the “Dracula” and “The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories” is the narrative voice.

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She has used the first person narrator that lends suspense in the story that is more of psychological.

This makes readers get to know of her fears through her own thoughts.

However, later in the story, Harker discovers that the foreigner, who is Count Dracula, has different plans for him as other vampire women in the backroom of the old castle too.

This form of narrative voice creates a sense of immediacy within the reader.

It gives the author an avenue for bringing out whatever feelings she wants.

It has made Carter use her imagination characterized by a fierce and appetitive quality (Danielle & Christina, 1998, 18).The author has presented the novel as a series of supposedly real documents for the purpose of making the story realistic.The reader gets the facts as being that which has been written by people who have experienced the events directly.The “Dracula” is a novel written by Bram Stoker, an Irish novelist, who wrote in while in England.It is a horror novel about a vampire called Count Dracula who leaves his native Transylvania and moves to England.She uses it also to explore ideas of how things can be different from the past as depicted by the tales. All the stories in The Bloody Chamber have an imaginative pleasure, which enables readers to follow the world she creates.As an example, she describes the trappings of luxury so as to depict rich scenery.Notably, while in the first person, Dracula has multiple central narrators.Dracula has a series of journal entries, memos, letters, and newspaper articles (Hughes, 2000, 3-4).This makes the reader be able to see detailed scenes through people that do not talk to themselves.As all individuals in the book become a combination of descriptions, it makes the reader feel to be a part of the group as they go along with the characters in their thinking.


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