Termination Of Parental Rights Paperwork

In some situations, you file a petition for termination of parental rights with a state court, in which you explain to the court why you wish to give up your children.

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Even in sad situations where a father simply wants to be relieved of support obligations or the mother wants to completely remove her ex from her life, a court is unlikely to severe the child’s relationship with his father.

In California, this is true despite an agreement between the mother and father to release his parental rights.

The best source of information on the process and legal forms available for release or termination of parental rights is the state court where the child resides.

This information can be found through the court's website or from the clerk's office where documents are filed for the court.

Parental rights can be released voluntarily with court approval or terminated involuntarily by court order.

Although the specific grounds for terminating parental rights differ among the states, in general all states recognize two types of termination: voluntary and involuntary.

If you informally drop off your child with an ex-spouse, relative, friend or potential adoptive parents without getting formal court approval, you can be charged with child abandonment.

A legally valid voluntary relinquishment of your children requires strict compliance with the legal forms and court proceedings that govern your particular situation.

Courts that do not have specific forms available, such as those in Maricopa County, Arizona, usually have information on where to find appropriate forms.

Divorce and difficult parenting situations between ex-spouses and lovers do not provide sufficient grounds for releasing or terminating parental rights.


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