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It is about traditions of the Old-time Southeastern America, which became the base for the modern country music styles.The first thing which comes to minds when talking about the country music is a movie about a cowboy.is an online college newspapers maintained by current and former college and university students, professional academic freelance writers, as well us well-known published authors.

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Compare this to the impact of music in the 1980's where there was a cacophony of different typed of music that reflected the nature of western culture society across the USA and Europe.

This period of time gave rise to a mixture of a romantic revival romantic period and punk which was reflected not only through music but also fashion.

In fact, black people helped a lot in the creation of the country music and still have fun clubs today.

The fiddle was the leading musical instrument for the dancing music in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and a fiddle played by a black person in a tavern for white people and on the plantation for slaves was great entertainment.

Looking at the flowery (no pun intended) verse that was used to compliment the music of the flower power period.

Music plays a great role in our lives as it evokes feelings and emotions that make life brighter.

Another influence on instruments would of course be technology.

With the discovered of metal and much later plastics, the availability of a variety of instruments has been available to more people.

However, the birth of this style was accompanied by another condition.

In fact, the history of the country music started in Nashville in a next way: “One Saturday night in 1927, De Ford Bailey stepped up to the microphone during a country music radio show in Nashville, put a harmonica to his lips and began imitating the sounds of rushing locomotives” (Glanton).


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