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This model made it easier for researchers to study the correlation between risk and protective factors.(1987) They are: Here are four articles that offer in-depth understanding of resilience.

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Themes that frequently emerged from the data included personal attitude, spirituality/religion, education, and multilevel attachments.

The data identified important practice skills to enhance resilience.

Scientists from all over were eager to research the impact of severe trauma on children.

(Masten, 2001) For 40 years, Masten studied children around the world throughout their life.

Experiencing the loss of a loved one, sexual abuse, violence, and war; these are the things that shape us.

Life will continuously be a balance between peace and turmoil. When faced with tough times, others encourage us to push through and be “.” However, what does being resilient mean and why it is essential to have this trait?This study analyzed patterns of connection between 12 traumatic life events, resilience, and substance use at a church-affiliated university.The original report showed several positive and negative connections between traumatic life events and alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco use within the year.(Masten, 2011) Severe trauma can consist of the loss of a loved one, homelessness, war and other consequences of economic, natural and political turmoil.(Narayan, Masten, Silverman, & Osofsky, 2015; Nichols, 2013).Steven Southwick, George Bonanno, Ann Masten, Catherine Panter-Brick, and Rachel Yehuda give a better understanding of resilience research across different fields of study.Some of the questions discussed during the panel were: The field of positive psychology strives to understand the strengths within individuals, families and even communities, and what they need to flourish.Some will use their trauma to propel them into a more satisfying life than they once had before their traumatic experience.There is no clear way to understand all the building blocks that make a person more resilient than the next, but this missing link is what researchers want to find out.She discovered common traits among resilient children who have faced adversity.She figured out that resilience is a combination of what she calls “ordinary factors” such as their relationships, family, and individual differences such as personality, and even genetics.


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