Team Problem Solving Games

Explain that they have a set amount of time to complete the puzzle as a group.Explain that some of the pieces in their puzzle belong to the other puzzles in the room.Purpose: This exercise is time-consuming, but it accomplishes creative teamwork on several levels. As a team, they must find a way to convince the other teams to help them.

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The final reveal is a fun event, and a great opportunity for your team to compete.

Purpose: Problem solving as a team, with a strong mix of creativity, is exactly what this exercise accomplishes.

These tests simplify things and create easily remembered results.

During future teamwork efforts, when conflicts arise, a team member can say “remember, I am orange” and the others will know exactly what she means.

For example, you might have your team create a device that involves movement without electricity, and moves a golf ball from point A to point B. Then give each team the same supplies to work from, or create a pile of available supplies in the middle of the room.

Give them a specific time to complete the project, making sure to mention that they can only use what is available, though how they use it is completely up to them.

As you work as a team, brainstorming sessions often sway towards the vocal and dominant personalities even though other team members have valuable ideas, too.

By forcing these ideas to have equal footing, each team member’s ability to contribute is established.

It’s important to choose an activity everyone feels safe doing.

Here are 32 team building games to choose from, and none of them involve trust falls (whew): You could think of this as “what makes you ticked off”, as this is an exercise in learning about each other’s personalities and seeing what kind of personalities will clash. Bring in a speaker, if time allows, to expound on the different personality traits, their strengths, their weaknesses, and a plan on how potential clashes can be alleviated.


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