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You can add information from the CSV file into an empty or existing project.First, create a new project or select an existing project.

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You can create additional rules to determine when a lead should be assigned to a specific individual or team based on certain criteria.

If a lead meets your criteria, Nutshell will assign that lead to the individual or team that you include in that assignment.

From here, simply click the red “Assign to Course” button and select the course to assign to the user.

For a video tutorial of how to assign individuals on your Team to a course,watch this video.

For a video tutorial of how to assign your whole Team to a course, watch this video.

When you don’t want to assign your whole team to a course, but rather want to assign an individual on your team, do the following: From your Admin dashboard, select either the Teams or People tab.Select 'Do not import' when mapping the Lead assignee column during your import, and Nutshell's automatic Lead distribution rules will take care of the rest.When a user creates a new Lead using the Create button, Nutshell will assume they are the owner of that Lead.Going back and forth on basic request details or not starting with a clear project brief slows work down.Instead, create forms to capture the right details up front for any project brief or ad hoc requests.Asana was designed to help you get work done, instead of doing work about work.To keep your flow going speedily, try out these features designed to help you save time.From here, simply click on the “Assign Courses” button and choose the courses to assign to the Team (Please be aware that you may need to be assigned to the course yourself if you wish to assign to others).Assigning a course to a whole team in this way is very efficient because any new users added to the team later will automatically be assigned the courses that are assigned to the team.Navigate to your “Team” page, by selecting Teams from your administrator dashboard.Select the Team you wish to assign to a course and select the “Courses” or "Learning Paths" option.


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