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If you have started to connect the dots, you would notice how massive of an opportunity this is.You can sell products to people with the full force of Amazon behind you and collect royalties!

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Within just a few minutes of time, you now have a money generating page on Amazon selling your t-shirt to billions of monthly visitors.

Amazon handles the selling, the printing, the shipping, and even the customer service for the t-shirt sales you get, and all you do is collect a royalty on each sale.

However, the t-shirt manufacturing process can be changed according to the style of garment.

Many of you probably have no idea who I am, but just like you guys, I enjoy checking out what Spencer has going on and always learning what I can to fill in the gaps of industries I may not understand as well.

Today I want to go over exactly how I did it, and the steps you can take to replicate the process this coming year starting right NOW!

Many of you are probably not aware, but the Merch by Amazon program launched a while back.

Before you even consider hooking everything else up, you first need to understand how Amazon works.

These are Amazon BSR and Copyright/Trademark metrics.

You can still request an invitation, but there's no guarantee when you'll get accepted.

Amazon has also placed a limit on how many designs Amazon allows you to create at once..


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