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Please explain why you have chosen the SUNY-ESF majors you selected in the Academic section of this screen and how each would fulfill your educational and career goals.If you selected ‘Undeclared’ as one of your choices, please tell us which majors you are considering and how they will fulfill your educational and career goals. Why are you interested in the major you are applying to?As an applicant, we want to know what Think Wide Open means to you.

It should be original and should connect to Think Wide Open broadly or specifically.

Videos and creative works should include a brief introduction or statement that helps contextualize your submission for the viewer/reader.

The State University of New York system of colleges—commonly known as SUNY—encompasses some 64 different campuses throughout New York. If you’re thinking of attending one of these 64 schools and need assistance filling out the SUNY application, this guide is here to help.

These campuses include research universities, community colleges, and even specific programs at other universities like Cornell. We’ll be covering admissions requirements, which schools require supplemental essays, and some helpful information for filling out your application.

Though this means that students who want to attend SUNY schools have plenty of choices, it also means that the SUNY application can feel something like a maze of options. Despite having 64 different campuses, the SUNY system’s application is fairly straightforward.

Most students who apply to schools in the system use apply SUNY, a proprietary application developed specifically for SUNY.

And t For students applying Early Decision, application dates vary.

Early Decision students applying to the NYS College of Ceramics at Alfred University or Maritime have a deadline of November 1, while students applying to Geneseo have a deadline of November 15, and ESF students have a deadline of December 1.

The apply SUNY application is available online and in a paper version.

Electronic applications are generally faster and easier for both students and colleges, but if you have limited internet access or other concerns, it’s totally fine to submit a paper application instead.


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