Student Essay On Gun Control In America

There are also only 16 states that ban carrying a concealed weapon on a college campus, Florida is one of them.

Pros of gun control have been a major debate of 2018.

We should require permits, licenses and extensive background checks on anyone who wants to purchase a firearm.

People with mental illnesses should never be able to purchase any kind of firearm.

There have been nationwide school walkouts, marches, and protests to fight for gun control.

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This year, congress was forced to listen to the students of America.The presence of guns in higher education classrooms also burdens the First Amendment right to academic freedom of speech—guns can impede the candid discourse that is critical to the collegiate experience.Allowing guns on campus poses a grave threat to people employed by schools as well, making the workplace more dangerous for university staff and faculty.In the Parkland tragedy, like many around the United States, it could have been avoided. To buy a gun, you don’t need a permit or gun license.While there is a demographic background check done, that won’t tell you what you need to know.There has been about 334 mass shootings in 2018 alone.In 2017, there were nearly 40,000 people who were killed by guns. This nation’s government has watched shooting after shooting, but still, nothing changes.Shootings at K–12 schools shock us because schools are generally safe havens from the gun violence that is so prevalent elsewhere.A report issued by the US Departments of Education and Justice found that between 19, at least 50 times as many murders of young people ages 5–18 occurred away from school than at school.Nikolas showed many signs of mental illness, yet was still able to buy an AR-15-style semi-automatic rifle.He was also showing signs of becoming a school shooter, yet over 30 people waited until after the attack to come forward with the disturbing things he was doing.


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