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For example, having US surfer star Yadin Nicol test out a new product made for water activity and provide a product testimonial or quote to include in a press release can increase interest in the press release and its eventual circulation.

Getting backlinks from an athlete, team, or event websites back to your company website can help drive website traffic.

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We will then look it over and email back with any clarifications that are needed, or if it is all fine then we will let you know and sign the contract and leave three copies at a Union reception for you to collect.

You should then sign the contracts yourselves and get the representative of your sponsor to sign all 3 copies of the contract.

Word of mouth marketing is huge among athletes -- whether through locker room chats on new products or athletes seeing what the other is wearing and using.

For example, signing LPGA golfer Lexi Thompson as a brand ambassador can drive awareness and sales to all her LPGA companions, as well as selling into pro and amateur golf shops who want to carry products that the pros are using.

When you've found a company interested in sponsoring your group and want to make it official, you need to do the following: Fill in the template contract form with details from yourself and your potential sponsor - make sure you include plenty of detail about what is involved!

Return the template contract form to [email protected]


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