Sports Club Business Plan

– To continue to improve, upgrade and create facilities as well as improving access to facilities and protecting green space.

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Your members will also feel that the plan belongs to them and they will be more comfortable in assisting with its implementation.

In fact, many of your members may have skills and experience in planning through their workplace or other clubs – make use of these members and involve them.

This committee needs to be endorsed and set some simple terms of reference by the club committee.

Invite a group of people (including administrators, coaches, officials, athletes, sponsors and facilities managers) to attend a planning workshop to develop the framework of your plan.

Objectives – To maximise opportunities available to the local community through the promotion of current activities and exploring the development of new activities.

– To ensure the members of the local community are aware of all current activities and have the opportunity to participate in the activities on offer, the Community Sport Hub will undertake an effective marketing strategy.In addition the Community Sport Hub will also provide opportunities for informal sport and physical activity for all age groups such as walking and fitness classes.Vision, Aims and Objectives The Gilvenbank Community Sport Hub has the following vision and aims: Vision – “A healthy community actively involved in leading, participating in and performing in a variety of sporting and physical activities.” Aims – – To maximise opportunities available to the local community through the promotion of current activities and exploring the development of new activities.Your plan should form the basis of your reporting on progress and discussion at your club committee meetings.By doing this, each committee member will have a clear guide and understanding of what is expected from them as a member of the committee.Current health statistics indicate that there is a demonstrated need for additional facilities and services to help provide more opportunities for the community to be involved in sport and physical activity.This is especially true in Fife where 21.3% of the child population is either overweight or obese, 30.5% of the adult population obese and 37.1% of the adult population, who do not currently meet the recommended physical activity levels.– To support sports clubs and their members to continue to develop and expand their organisation and improve service delivery.– To maximise working relationships with key partners.Your club is made up of all sorts of people that have all sorts of expectations of and from the club.Try to involve as many people in the planning process as possible as the more people consulted in the development of the plan, the more it will reflect the true direction of your club.


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