Sony Corporation Case Study

With more than 30 000 data points, the SCADA system is required to provide a detailed energy monitoring system for analysis and provides automated demand control.

Zone Control Built on L-INX Automation Servers LINX-111 and LINX-110 Automation Servers were installed throughout the building.

The Sony building is 27 floors high, was completed in March 2011, and has a built-up floor space of 124 041 square meters.

Sony Europe Limited is the UK sales arm of consumer electronics giant Sony Corporation.

Thanks to the clear design, customers can easily share their content and discuss products with each other.” We had a 12-year-old existing forum, but we wanted to migrate to a new platform with the goal to create a vibrant community where people converse beyond just their technical problems.

Our vision was to have customers engage with the rest of the community through their passions by reviewing user-generated content, company-generated blogs as well as tutorials and workshops to help them get more out of their products and our services.Ultimately, this would translate into increased revenue, loyalty, and support savings for our business.Lithium has provided a robust platform with flexibility to adapt and measure our strategic goals via different content types, developer tools and metrics.We really pushed the limits of the module to have the most compelling look while following brand DNA.The same module is also used to run monthly Sony World Photography Award competitions which add around 2000-4000 photo submissions per month from users in 15 countries. With 7,126,596 searches per month and 6,745 posts for 1,441 new topics, the community is thriving. We have seen top line sales of about €33MM, of which about €2MM comes from online sales.We aspired to provide a platform where our huge fan base of photo enthusiasts could share their content in galleries to participate in monthly photo competitions.In doing so, we could help them increase their photography skills by providing workshops and tutorials as well as our excellent master classes moderated by Sony World Photography Awards winners.The main parameters of product differentiation are specified by Vashisht as features, technological advancements, and quality.Accordingly, Sony enjoys a high level of customer loyalty among some people who use and appreciate advanced technology products and devices due to the fact that products offered by Sony always stand out because of their quality, extra features and design.The data points are connected to the SCADA system through the L-INX via an IP-852 channel.Each zone’s L-INX Automation Server hosts the scheduler functions for the HVAC system and is connected to the fire protection system to create maximum comfort, efficiency, and security for the building.


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