Solving Multi Step Problems

Solving Multi Step Problems-4
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Once we solved, we headed back to our seats to take notes on the three step method.

Finally, they were ready to try the process on their own.

To determine if you need to add or subtract, look for keys words like addition, sum, or more that tell you to ADD two quantities together.

Key words like difference, take away, left, and remove tell you that you need to SUBTRACT.

You may need to add some quantities and subtract others, and you need to carefully read the problem in order to determine exactly what you need to do to solve it.

The first step in solving a math word problem is translating the words into math.If she only used 50 flowers total, how many did she have left over? First, find the total number of flowers that she picked by ADDING the number of roses and number of daisies together.21 roses 42 daises = 63 flowers Next, SUBTRACT the number of flowers that she used to find how many flowers were left over.A multi-step addition and subtraction problem is one in which there are several steps that must be performed in order to get a final answer.You may need to add some quantities and subtract others, and you need to carefully read the problem in order to determine what you need to do to solve it.I’ve taught them the strategy, “Circle, Circle, Underline” (circle information and underline what they want them to do figure out) to help zero in on the important stuff.We solved the problem and we were ready to move on. I showed the students how to use information gathered from our fist step to solve the second question.The key word more tells you to add five to the total. In this problem, the key word gives away tells you that you should SUBTRACT. - = After getting money from her parents and spending some of it on a new video game, Samira is left with .7 apples 5 apples = 12 apples Johanna started with ten apples, three were removed, and then five were added. Let's try a few more practice problems to make sure you understand. He gives 5 of them away to his friend Mark and then gives 3 more sticks of gum to his friend Felicia. Samantha picked 21 roses and 42 daisies to make a table centerpiece.They worked through the word problems just like they did with their buddy.And because their buddy was still sitting right by them, they could also double check if they had an issue.


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