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On 9 June 2006, Euribor ACI and Euribor FBE adopted the STEP Market Convention.See the press release In order to be eligible for use as collateral in Eurosystem operations, notes issued under STEP-compliant programmes also have to fulfil all the eligibility criteria listed in Chapter 6 of the document entitled “The implementation of monetary policy in the euro area: General documentation on the Eurosystem monetary policy instruments and procedures”. Data providers, which act on a voluntary basis, may be eligible securities settlement systems, national central banks or other institutional entities.Should multiple settlement systems be deemed eligible to report issues for a given market, each settlement system that acts as a data provider will transmit data on those issues that it has settled in its system.

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Issues published under the credit rating category “Rating 1” refer to issues under those programmes that have the highest credit ratings.

Issues under programmes allocated to the credit rating categories “Rating 2” and “Rating 3” refer to those STEP securities that have high or medium credit ratings respectively.

“Total issuance” refers to all the STEP securities issued by all sectors.

Sectors other than those comprising monetary financial institutions and non-financial corporations are currently not presented separately as the issuance volumes involved are small. Issues published under the credit rating category “All ratings” refer to all STEP-labelled securities for which data are collected by the ECB.

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When you are choosing a topic to write about, you will need to make it your own while ensuring it is the easiest topic you can find.The STEP statistics cover all issues made under STEP labelled programmes.However, in order to allow the data providers to adapt their systems as necessary, a transitional period has been provided for.A good term paper definition is as an “Exam you take home.” Your teacher needs to test your progress to see how much of the course content you have been learning, and that is why teachers set term papers.By giving you term paper projects, your teacher helps you learn how to write a term paper because you are learning by doing, and you get to recap some of the things you have learned during that term.Statistics on aggregated new issues are also available at daily intervals.The daily yield statistics encompass annualised yields on euro-denominated STEP-labelled zero coupon issues, referring to the primary market interest rates originally agreed between an issuer and an investor.The statistics are published on the ECB’s website at weekly intervals on the first business day of each week, except in the case of ECB holidays when publication will follow on the subsequent working day. For more detailed methodological information, please refer to the The European Central Bank (ECB) maintains this site for information purposes only, within the context of the STEP Market Convention.The content thereof, including quotes, data and other information, is not intended While making reasonable efforts to obtain reliable content from third-party data contributors, the ECB accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies or delays in the content of this site.While endeavouring to minimise disruption caused by technical errors, the ECB cannot guarantee that its service will not be interrupted or otherwise affected by such problems.The ECB accepts no responsibility or liability with regard to any problems occurring as a result of using this website or any linked external websites THE ECB EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE ACCURACY OF ANY OF THE CONTENT PROVIDED, OR AS TO THE MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS OF THE CONTENT PROVIDED FOR ANY PURPOSE.


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