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But we may well fear that vast numbers of people still think of the word “peace” as implying a condition which is essentially static.They still think of peace as being negative rather than as a concept which can truly be only positive.

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By Eric Brahm July 2006 Peace education (also called co-existence education) involves the use of teaching tools designed to bring about a more peaceful society.

Topics addressed may include philosophical and practical issues such as human rights, conflict management, international relations, development, and the environment.

[11] In PRIME's project, Jewish and Palestinian teachers and historians collaboratively developed a text to transform the history education in the region.[12] In the book, one column describes the Palestinian perspective in Arabic; another column describes the Jewish perspective in Hebrew; the third is blank in order to encourage students to write about their personal experience.

[13] In Northern Ireland, the "Review of the School Community Relations Programme" [14] found that cross-community programs in Northern Ireland schools did not pay enough attention to the importance of the environment in which contact was initiated and teachers would sometimes shy away from controversial issues.

Those words, a world at peace, represent the craving of hundreds of millions of people in every quarter of the globe.

They constitute the ideal towards which the democracies have been groping for many generations.

Peace education has also been used in order to facilitate gender equality.

These programs focus on income, health, and power disparities between men and women as well as examining the traditions and structures that have led to the disadvantaged position of women.

For those in the midst of conflict, peace education may sow the seeds of understanding and provide nonviolent tools where violence is the accepted norm.

For those who are emerging from conflict, peace education presents an opportunity to confront the historical myths that often contribute to conflict.


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