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This is especially true for kids with attention issues.

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If learning issues make a specific aspect of an assignment hard for your child, he may rush through it out of frustration.

Kids with dysgraphia, for example, may struggle with the mechanics of writing.

If your child does this, look over his work when he says he’s finished. You may decide that your child needs an evaluation.

If you notice typos or other mistakes, remind him that the homework isn’t done until he fixes these issues. This could lead to formalized supports for your child.

Using a homework contract can make it easier to set and keep to a schedule.

If he finishes early, he can check over completed work or read.This way there’s less incentive for him rush—which may mean he spends more time doing his homework well.Your child may be tense, stressed out or exhausted from the school day.It also means he has to re-familiarize himself with the assignment every time he comes back to it.This may cause him to skip steps and speed up to finish it. This can help him get into the habit of checking his work on his own.So make sure your child has enough energy to work on assignments before he dives in to homework time.Let him have a break, a snack or a nap if he needs it.Apps like Mod Math can help kids work on math problems without using a pencil.You can search for apps for your child in Tech Finder. But kids with learning and attention issues—especially ADHD and executive functioning issues—may be more likely to zip through assignments.This can cause problems in middle school, when assignments get more demanding. The rule of thumb for middle-schoolers is to spend about 60 to 90 minutes on homework each weeknight.


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